Where am I going and how do I get there?

My name is Alison and I was born 17 years and some odd days ago, that much I know.  I know that I love to read and that I want to do something meaningful with my life, but where is the substance?

For the  past four years I have been the stereotypical sullen teenager, I sleep, I eat, and I dream. I live the majority of my life inside my mind, in a world where the outcome is always perfect and I am flawless.  During my conscious hours, I try to show the world that I am openly disdainful of them, that I am disgusted by their happiness, while secretly, I am obsessed.

Three years of my life I have wasted, trying to live vicariously through distant strangers. I have finally reached a point where fantasy will no longer suffice. This upcoming year will be my last opportunity to experience high school in the way that I have always dreamed about. From this day forward, I am going to change.

This year, for the first time:

I will enjoy  school.

I will have a date

I will meet friends that I am not forced to encounter on a daily basis

I will go to a high school party.

I am going to undergo an evolution, and from now on, I will be happy. No matter what it takes.

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