What is “rape Insurance”?

“Rape Insurance” sounds like a ridiculous concept. It’s crazy to think that we live in a society where women should be obligated to purchase insurance to protect herself against the consequences of a criminal act in which she is the victim. Yet, in Michigan, where I live, that is now the case.

A special interest group called Right for Life, which you might have heard of before, has collected signatures for a petition that allowed them to pass a new law without the governor or people’s consent. This law states that insurance companies in Michigan, even private firms cannot provide insurance that includes abortion to beneficiaries unless the people pay for a special rider.  This is true for all cases, including those where the woman was raped or the abortion is needed for medical reasons. That’s right, women who have had their bodies violated or even had a planned child die within them are not eligible for medical treatment unless they had the forethought to seek out special insurance. The scariest part of this entire scenario is that the petition that caused this law to be put into place required only the signatures of four percent of the voting population,

Many women will be impacted by this law. Women who are raped, who are suffering medical complications, who are making one of the biggest decisions of their lives are being put in situations where they will have no positive choices. To insure my right to choice, I will have to bear the financial burden of seeking out special insurance for my reproductive rights. That is if my insurance company will even offer this rider as an option for me to purchase. Women in my state will have to seek out a company that can provide them with this type of insurance, and I hope that they are in they are in the position to gain access to the care they might need. Yet, I know that this won’t always be the case. This law is aimed at women who are already struggling and it ensures that these women suffer greater hardship than they need to.

Right now some Michigan legislators are still fighting to get this law repealed. If you are interested in recieving updates, you can go to letMichoose.com to sign up for emails and what you can do to help.  


Why I want to study anthropology.

I am 19 years old, and I am strange.  There is really no way to avoid that fact. I started reading when I was three years old, and not a day has passed since where I have gazed into only one world.

At six years old, when asked about my friends, I would begin speaking about Harry and Hermione. I loved these fictional characters, and I truly believed that what I had with my books was friendship. I felt safe reading or observing people, but relationships with them where overwhelming to me. I do not if I was not properly socialized, or if I just lack some sort of innate understanding other human beings, but in a sense I am afraid of them.

I find people fascinating because I am one, and yet at times, even my own culture seems so foreign to me. I often do things that are considered socially unacceptable. I don’t always understand when I am supposed to keep a secret, or if I am expected to lie about a topic rather than speak the truth and I definitely don’t have the appropriate filters.

I don’t know how to behave, although I do understand many of the social expectations. i just don’t find them natural like many others do. I enjoy observing others. Something, which many find unsettling. The last time I had sex, I freaked out the man because I was watching him during to see if he reacted in the way described in my human sexuality textbook.  It wasn’t that I wasn’t enjoying myself, but even while participating in activities, i seek to understand them. I’m sure by now you’ve realized that I was not kidding with the who “no filter” thing I mentioned earlier either.

For a long time, I’ve tried to be “normal” and now I realize that it will never happen. One because normal doesn’t exist, every culture is different and people are extremely complex. The way we behave is due to our background, or needs and what we have convinced yourself is desirable.  And let’s be honest guys, the ideal here in America is too complex for anyone to try to fulfill. In our media we see women that physically alter their appearance and appear submissive and often unintelligent.  In reality, women have just as much pressure on them as their male counterparts to be successful, with the added pressure of being physically desirable as well. It’s too much. I don’t understand what is expected from me, or desire, and I’m sure most other young women don’t either. Our culture is warped, and the minds of our people are unhealthy because of it. I want to study our culture and others so that I can help people, and in the long run help myself.

Where am I going and how do I get there?

My name is Alison and I was born 17 years and some odd days ago, that much I know.  I know that I love to read and that I want to do something meaningful with my life, but where is the substance?

For the  past four years I have been the stereotypical sullen teenager, I sleep, I eat, and I dream. I live the majority of my life inside my mind, in a world where the outcome is always perfect and I am flawless.  During my conscious hours, I try to show the world that I am openly disdainful of them, that I am disgusted by their happiness, while secretly, I am obsessed.

Three years of my life I have wasted, trying to live vicariously through distant strangers. I have finally reached a point where fantasy will no longer suffice. This upcoming year will be my last opportunity to experience high school in the way that I have always dreamed about. From this day forward, I am going to change.

This year, for the first time:

I will enjoy  school.

I will have a date

I will meet friends that I am not forced to encounter on a daily basis

I will go to a high school party.

I am going to undergo an evolution, and from now on, I will be happy. No matter what it takes.